The Yachay School in the City of Huancayo

Video on the occasion of Yachay’s 8th anniversary

Thanks to Miguel for this beautiful anniversary present.
Click on the video and enjoy the texts and photos.

Yachay Pedagogy

In Yachay Elementary School we follow a pedagogy based on love, the protection of the Rights of the Child, and environmental conservation.

In addition to using traditional learning methods, our students also learn everyday through play, roleplay, puppet shows, storytelling, experiments, debates, outdoor reading and the use of recycled materials. They also learn about collaborative work where they can freely express their ideas while respecting the views of others.

In addition, we teach our students to take care of themselves and their health by practicing good hygiene habits.

Our teachers work arduously and perseveringly every day so they can give Yachay students all the tools they need to overcome any challenges they may encounter down the road.

Images 2017