Sponsored run instead of Grittibänzen at the Neuheim School 2020

For several years now, it has been the custom at Neuheim School for the children of the 3rd and 4th grades to bake “Grittibänzen” (sweet doughy boys) on Children’s Rights Day and sell them to benefit our project.

Due to the Corona pandemic, Children’s Rights Day at the elementary school was different than usual. This year, not only the 3rd and 4th grade students participated, but also the 5th and 6th grade students. The teachers organized a sponsored run in favor of our project.

During a gymnastics lesson, the children completed an obstacle course where they could prove their fitness. All the children sought personal sponsors who gave them a certain amount for each completed lap.

On the official day of children’s rights, the Neuheim youngsters learned about the Yachay school and the everyday life of the students of the Peruvian elementary school by means of a PowerPoint presentation.

The Swiss youths were very impressed by the extremely narrow and poor living conditions of the children in Peru. With the help of the photos they were able to get an exact picture of the difficult situation, the distance learning and the food shortage of the families in Huancayo.

They were very motivated to activate the search for more sponsors and of course, they gave their best in sports, so they collected a lot of money.

We are very proud of their sporting achievements. With their irrepressible energy, the children collected the incredible sum of 7’300 francs, which is equivalent to one years’s salary of a teacher. In other words, this sum means that 12 children can attend Yachay elementary school for one year.

We would like to thank the teachers, children and sponsors for their great commitment.